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About MCEM

Malaysian Consortium for Education Mauritius is a leader in the Malaysian higher education and professional training in Mauritius and Africa. 

It is a pioneer of Public and Private Universities from Malaysia which is located in Mauritius. Each University of the consortium is committed to a high value of quality academic education and supports the internationalization of higher education through student and faculty participation.

Its high academic standards are recognized by the Tertiary Education Commission, the Malaysian Qualification Agency and by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

The MCEM creates opportunities for faculty and students in key nations and provides opportunities for short term, semester, and study abroad programs.

It supports global development in education with educators and students in nations that have a common vision for increasing student learning and quality education. 

MCEM project participants combine research-based practices with an educator’s passion for sharing skillful expertise overseas.

MCEM has become a gateway in Mauritius for Africa, providing educational venues in countries desiring quality education, global stability, professional and economic development, and civil societies. 

Each Faculty from different universities participate in overseas opportunities, teaching options, conferences, and faculty-led study trips; Our STUDENTS can find strategic selections for short term and semester study abroad programs, scholarships, and specific field studies/culture trips. 

MCEM is a platform that will facilitate Students to start their academic programmes in Mauritius and also finish their degree in Malaysia.