Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the courses TEC approved?
    All our courses are duly registered and approved by the Tertiary Education Commission.
  2. Do you provide financial help?
    We are flexible over the means of payments and do provide assistance for obtention of loans through banks – SBM Student Loan
  3. Are we entitled to Student Pass?
    All Full Time students are entitled to a Student Pass.
  4. International Students?
    Foreign students wishing to pursue their studies with us are the most welcome. We provide assistance with the formalities, visa procedures, accommodation and so on. More Info : link for International Student Desk
  5. How is it taught?

At MCEM, Each academic year consists of 2 semester/terms. As the semester are short, the pace and volume of work is likely to be greater than youre currently used to and theres  much greater emphasis on independent and self-directed  study here compared to school or college.

During term time, youre expected to spend an average of 42-46 hours a week on your academic studies (including teaching/contact and time and independent study), and you also need to undertake some work during the vacations (eg further reading/ research, revision, assignments).

Every student adjusts to this new workload in their own way and time, and there are plenty of our staffs who can offer advice and support while you get settled in and throughout your degree.

  1. Who will  teach me at MCEM?

At MCEMprogrammes are being taught by a team of highly  experienced academics from Mauritius  as well as from our partner University in  Malaysia. There is a flying faculty from each University that comes each semester to teach you.

  1. Tell me more about MCEM Programmes?

There are many programmes that are being offered to you.

Each programme comes from different partner Universities and is being taught to you in Mauritius. It is the same programme that is being run in Malaysia. You will  have the chance to start in MCEM and finish in your partner University, which wilbe very good point  for you to save your money and go to Malaysia afterwards to finish your degree or even continue your Masters Degree.

  • How do I Enroll?

First you will have to choose the course and apply at MCEM. The team will send the application form and all your academic details to the university where your course is being run. Once approved by the Senate of your University, we will send you your offer letter and start all procedures so as you can enroll with us. Don’t worry, our team will assist you so as you can join us successfully.

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