Foundation and Intermediate course in Arabic Language

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Foundation and Intermediate course in Arabic Language

Course Objectives / Learning Outcomes:

To acquire basis competencies in Arabic Language

  1. Writing Skill
  • To master the writing of letters and connecting them to form words.
  • To write basic sentences in Arabic.
  • To type letters and words in Arabic.


  1. Speaking Skill
  • To pronounce the Arabic letters and words correctly.
  • To engage in simple real life conversation in Modern Standard Arabic.

To differentiate between Modern Standard Arabic and the spoken dialect.


Profile of Participants:

Professional adults, students and the public

  • Professionals who want to learn another foreign language to increase their workability.
  • Muslims who want to learn the language of the Holy Quran and understand its meaning.
  • Students of Arabic who desire to develop and upgrade their writing and speaking skills.
  • Businessmen who interact with Arabs and need to communicate with their partners.


Duration of Course

  • 42 hours (including both theory and practical)


Certificate & Recognition

  • MQA approved
  • Certificate of attendance issued by MCEM

Option of sitting for international exams after completion of the course.