Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

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Bachelor of Management (Marketing)

In order to succeed, marketers have to respond to the ever-evolving needs of their
customers and stakeholders, and the dynamics of the marketplace. For all organisations
marketing is an increasingly important function. Whether it’s a charity seeking to raise
funds, a business looking for new customers or a brand expanding into new international
markets, marketing lies at the heart of these activities.
The marketing challenges of the future encompass the rise of technology, global
competition, fast changing consumer trends and managing the entire customer experience
whether that’s in-store or on social media. In this increasingly complex environment the
demand for skilled marketers is increasing as is the presence of marketers on the executive
board of major organisations. Whether you’re interested in launching your own company
or want to innovate at the heart of a global organisation, you’ll study a combination of
marketing, innovation and management theory and practice. You’ll cover important areas
such as marketing strategy, marketing research and digital marketing. This course has a
strong focus on critical and original thinking to help you take on the marketing challenges
of the future.

Aims and Objectives

This program is implemented to meet social responsibility by providing trained workforce
that meets the current market demand.

Programme Objectives

  • To deliver and provide understanding on the concepts and principles of
    management and marketing.
  • To apply competencies of management and marketing in designing, identifying,
    analysing and evaluating problems.
  • To nurture ethical attitudes, professionalism and confidence among graduates.