Bachelor in Arabic Studies with Honors

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Bachelor in Arabic Studies with Honors

Bachelor Degree in Arabic Studies (With Honours) was offered initially in the beginning session of 2013/2014. This programme aims to produce graduates who are able to acquire knowledge and apply skills in Arabic language studies, as well as integrate all the knowledge and skills creatively and innovatively.

The duration of the programme is four (4) years or eight (8) semesters. Classes are conducted via blended mode in the forms of interactive lecture, tutorial practical, coursework, examination and research. Students are assessed holistically based on the aforementioned modes. It is also compulsory for students to attend an Industrial Training programme before the study ends.

Course Objectives

Bachelor Degree in Arabic Studies (With Honours) aims to produce graduates who:

  1.   Have vast knowledge in Arabic language studies.
  1.   Acquire specific Arabic language skills.
  1.   Possess sufficient skills in communicating Arabic language effectively.
  1.   Have good knowledge in integrating Arabic language skills with Information Technology and Communication (ICT).
  2.   Possess excellent moral values and leadership.
  1.   Have high commitment to grow and develop skills in Arabic language studies up to the

master’s and doctoral levels.

Programme Structure for the Bachelor in Arabic Studies with Honors

To be conferred a Bachelor in Arabic Studies with Honor, the students are required to complete a minimum 126 credit hours. The program is structured as follows:




University Core Courses


Program Core Courses